Dating scottish women

27-Jan-2017 03:46

I see nothing of how wonderful Scottish women can be - except when people are remembering how good at cooking their granny was or trying to find out more about Scottish women in history.

So, with this topic, I am celebrating modern Scottish women today.

Doing something slightly different keeps things fresh and more exciting."When it comes to our partners, a healthy number of us think we have the same sex drive as our significant others, with only a small minority thinking there is room for improvement in your sexual relationship.

But almost 40 per cent of you also complained that you or your partner were often too tired for sex, with nearly a quarter responding that they were too stressed out or that children often got in the way.

Yet over 15 per cent of our respondents said that a couple should have sex on the first date if they feel like it, making it more popular than at any other point in a relationship. Well, we're having sex two to three times a week, with the most favoured time being a weekend night.

Hey ya'll, For me I happen to like scottish women...several reasons... ------------------ Gor Jellie I could kiss you girlie! As you can imagine my ego gets a huge boost through this but Im soon deflated when they run screaming from the pubs in horror upon finding out what I look like!!