Edge lita dating real life

14-Jan-2017 21:49

Paul Vachon married Ophelia in the ring with only the heel personalities of the era in attendance. This wedding took place on the second edition of Saturday's Night Main Event.

Captain Lou Albano objected to the wedding at first, but once he found out that Ophelia wasn't a virgin he had no problems with letting the wedding continue. D" David Schultz entered the ring after the vows were exchanged and body slammed the groom. When the audience was asked if anyone objected to this marriage, Roddy Piper came out and said the wrestling ring was no place to get married and insulted Uncle Elmer and the rest of his Hillbilly family.

While having a relationship on WWE TV, it can sometimes lead to friction backstage.

Lita, Edge, and Matt Hardy always comes to light when this is discussed.

In fact, the couple bought a house and were going to start a life together.

The reasoning was simple, Edge was being pushed as a main event star and Lita was one of the more popular female wrestlers on the roster…while Matt was just simply hurt and expendable.

If the WWE had hoped by firing Hardy the story would go away, it did the exact opposite.

Often the romantic elements to the wedding ceremony are ignored, in favor of tragedy, humor, or advancing a feud.

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Wrestling weddings are notorious for quickly turning into disasters.On-screen relationships in the WWE can often lead to partnerships in real life. After dating Daniel Bryan, Lee then went to Punk and clearly never went back.

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