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Few people would disagree that hair is an important part of how we look—a great hairstyle goes a long way to making us look and feel good.

Getting along with your stylist can do wonders for getting the style you want, but that's not always as easy as we'd like it to be (not to mention, how much and who should you tip? We consulted with several hairstylists for their experiences, along with the feedback of staffers and fans to help explain why this stylist-client relationship can be so complicated.

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When Stylists and Clients Clash Although this may not be easy for either the client or the stylist to hear, the truth is both can have objectives or moods that simply clash.That doesn’t stop MSpy from advertising itself as “100% undetectable.” So what can MSpy do? The App has already caused uproar with the media dubbing it ‘the stalking app.’ Security tip: Use a strong password on your personal devices.