Updating activesync Nudecamchatlady

24-Jan-2016 11:13

I connect to my company's on-premises Exchange server via Activesync on my Samsung Galaxy S3.

My Active Directory password (which changes periodically) controls access to my email.

Not all of them are bullet proof, but it’s interesting to have them listed nonetheless.

Self-signed root certificate While the recommended approach with Exchange 2007 and onwards is to use SSL certificates from a commercial CA on your internet facing services it’s perfectly ok to use certificates signed by your own CA.

Once upon a time, the only way to get your email on a mobile device was to use IMAP or POP (or Research in Motion's Black Berry devices, but I'm going to pretend like those don't exist because soon they won't).

Either choice was widely -- and correctly -- perceived as a bad deal.

– Other devices than Windows Mobile may be perfectly happy to sync with untrusted certificates.

Even Microsoft's staunchest competitors, including Google and IBM, have adopted EAS as the basis of mobile-device access for their own email server products.Neither protocol works especially well for mobile devices because each depends on connection-based polling.Microsoft surveyed this state of affairs and decided to attack it by developing a protocol and server application to provide direct, integrated mobile-device access for Exchange Server.I've seen fried systems mysteriously come back to life.

I've seen plain-text scripts that refused to work right even though the same commands typed directly into the computer operated fine.

The EAS protocol itself is only part of the complete mobile-device access story for Exchange.

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